Compagnie d'Artillerie Automotrice Lourde


Crew: 5
Combat weight: 33t
Dimension: (Length) 10.52m; (width) 3.30m; (height with AAMG) 3.52m;
(height without AAMG) 2.60m
Anti-NBC: Collective
Fire-Supression System: Yes
Calibre: 155mm
Barrel Length: 45 calibre
Barrel Life: 2,500 firings
Maximum Firing Range: (High Explosive or HE): 24km; (Extended Range Full
Bore, or ERFB) 30km; (Extended Range Full Bore,
Hollow Base, Base Bleed, or ERFB-HB-BB) 39km
Rate of Fire: intense 4~5 rounds/min; sustained 2 rounds/min
Loading system: semi-automatic
Fire Control: Direct or indirect firing with electro-optical sighting system
for day/night operations;
onboard computer; GPS
Second Weapon: 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun
Smoke Grenade: Two sets of 4-barrel launchers
Onboard Ammunition Load: (155mm) 30; (12.7mm) 480