Compagnie d'Infanterie Mécanisée

YW 531 Type 63 APC


Crew: 2
Passenger: 13
Type: Tracked, armoured, amphibious
Weight: 12.8t (A531); 13.2t (B531); 12.6t (YW531C)
Engine: 235kW 6150L 6-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel; or BF8L413F V 8-cylinder air-cooled, turbo-charged diesel
Transmission: Mechanical
Suspension: Torsion-bar
Radio: radio set; intercom
Dimension: Length: 5.476m; Height: 2.580m; Width: 2.978m
Cruising Range: 500km
Speed: Max road 60km/h (YW531) or 65km/h (YW531C); max swim 6km/h
Weapon: 12.7mm (APC variant), 1,120 rounds


The basic variant Type 63 APC is armed with a Type 59 12.7mm/50-calibre antiaircraft machinegun, with a maximum fire-range of 2,000m. The vehicle carries 1,120 rounds.

The vehicle also has a 8-tube smoke grenade launcher.