Escadron Blinde Lourd UK

16 Char Challenger

The superb Challenge 2 (CR2) is the British Army's Main Battle Tank. CR2 is based on the Challenger 1 that served with distinction on operations in the Gulf War and the Balkans. Only 5 per cent of Challenger 2 components are interchangeable with its predecessor; over 150 major modifications include a completely new turret, L30 CHARM 120mm gun and second generation Chobham armour. Challenger 2's Thermal Observation and Gunnery (TOGS) displays a magnified image for the commander and gunner. The commander has a gyrostabilised fully panoramic sight with laser range finder and thermal imager. The gunner is equipped with a gyrostabilised primary sight with a laser range finder and coaxially mounted auxiliary sight. The drivers position has an image-intensifying day and night periscope, and the loader has a day sight.

Crew 4 
Length Gun Forward 11.55m;
Hull Length 8.3m;
Height to Turret Roof 2.49m;
Width 3.5m;
Ground Clearance 0.5m;
Combat Weight 62,500 kg;
Main Armament 1 x 120mm L30 CHARM Gun (CHallenger main ARmament);
Ammunition Carried Typically 50 rounds - APFSDS, HESH, Smoke;
Secondary Armament Co-axial 7.62mm chain gun; 7.62mm GPMG Turret Mounted for Air Defence;
Ammunition Carried 4000 rounds 7.62mm;
Engine 1200bhp Perkins-Condor CV12;
Maximum Road Speed 59km/h;
Average Cross Country Speed 40km/h.