Escadron de Char de Combat

WZ 120 Type 59D MBT




Crew: 4
Dimension: Length: 6.04m; Height: 2.59m; Width: 3.27m
Weight: 36.5~37 tons
Engine: 520hp 12150L diesel (Type 59) or 580hp 12150L7 (Type 59-II)
Power/weight ratio: 10.6kW/t
Transmission: Mechanical, planetary
Track: Metallic
Suspension: Torsion bar
Ground pressure: 0.8kg/cm 2
Cruising range: 440km, or 600km with external tanks
Speed: Max road 50km/h; average road speed: 30~33km/h; max off-road 25km/h
Fording depths: 1.4m (unprepared); 4.8m (with snorkel)
Main armament: Type 59 100mm rifled (34 rounds) with vertical stabilisation; Type 69-II 100mm rifled with dual way stabilisation (44 rounds), Type 79 105mm rifled (dual-way), Type 79 105mm rifled (dual-way), or Type 83-I 105mm rifled (44 rounds, dual-way)
Gun elevation/depression: +18/-5 degree
Gun stabilisation: Vertical (Type 59-I/59-II/59-IIA); Dual way (Type 59D/D1)
Auxiliary weapon: One coaxial 7.62mm machine gun; One 7.62mm driver machine gun; one 12.7mm air-defence machine gun (500 rounds)
Fire control: Primitive fire-control (Type 59-II); Type 37A fire control system (Type 59D)
Radio: A-220 receive/transmit radio with rod antenna, max range 16km, frequency 20~22.375MHz; or A-220A radio's frequency is 20~27.175MHz; A-221 telephone