Direct Action, Protection and Intervention Section

Type : Light Motorised Infantery Section

Role : Direct Action, Protection and Intervention
Part of : 51 International
Brigade of the United Nations in Nepal (IBUNN)

Missions :
Agissant avec une autonomie importante, la mission est d’assurer la sûreté immédiate des blindés ou d’un poste de commandement.
Son rôle est particulièrement important dans les zones urbaines et de nuit.

PERSONNALS (25 hommes) (1/3/21)




Command and Supply Unit 1-2-3

First squad "the finne squad" : 0-1-6

Personnal :
Equipement : seven pistols with holsters in combat vests, one machine gun and six assaut rifles,  completed by two APILAS

Second squad : 0-1-4

Personnal :
The corporal and his TSF are their own communication system based on the PRI french and a LV641 radio portable and a LV341on the jeep.

photo   photo   photo   photo   photo

Third squad : 0-1-6

Personnal :
Corporal Bergsen chief of the grenade launchers squad based on
one pilot,
one signal operator with a LV641 radio portable and a LV341on the truck
one gunner and two assistants.
one sniper
the sniper is also a armorer and the pilot a medecine man.